I Want to Sell my Home

The steps to selling a house aren’t always straightforward. While the process is similar to other states, North Carolina has its own unique laws and legal requirements for sellers. Let WindChime Realty help you sell and get the best price for your home.

Getting Ready to Sell

Gather Important Documents

Most NC home sales require a variety of documents and records for closing, including your mortgage statement, home insurance records, HOA docs, property taxes, etc....

Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

Although not required, we recommend having your home inspected. You may feel that your home is in perfect condition, however there may be underlying issues you are unaware of that could delay (or derail!) your sale if discovered by the buyer's home inspector.  An inspection helps you spot and fix issues early.

Declutter, Depersonalization, & Clean

Sell, donate, or toss unused or unwanted items in your home before showings. Clean all areas, including inside closets & cupboards, and see that beds are nicely made.  Pay close attention to kitchens and bathrooms.  We'll offer easy staging recommendations & show you how to depersonalize the space so the buyer's attention is on the home, not your belongings.

The Showing Process

Once your home is on the market, brokers from other agencies will schedule showings through the MLS appointment center, so make sure your home is "show ready" before you head out for the day.  When offers start coming in, your agent will negotiate with buyers (after discussing each one with you) until you and a buyer reach the terms that you both agree upon.  Now the buyer's enter into the "Due Diligence" stage of the process.  The buyers will write a check to you in the agreed upon amount.  This compensates you for the risk of taking your home off the market while they gather the information necessary to finalize their decision of purchasing your home, and acts as part of their down payment if they choose to move forward with the purchase. 

 Under Contract

Due Diligence Term

This is a period of time you and the buyers agree upon for them to do the following, and decide whether or not they want to continue forward with the purchase of your home:


Once you accept an offer, the buyer's lender (unless they are paying with cash) will order an appraisal to get a professional opinion of the value of the home-versus the agreed upon purchase price. The appraisal is a necessary step in getting the buyer's financing secured, and protects the bank. 

Home Inspection

The home inspection gives the buyer the opportunity to have the home thoroughly examined by a professional.  If any major issues are discovered, the buyer may renegotiate the purchase price, request that you make repairs, or they may back out of the transaction altogether without penalty, other than losing the due diligence money that they gave you. 

Finally.....The Closing

A couple of days before the closing date, you'll receive your Closing Disclosure, or "Settlement Statement." This document lays out the final details of the closing costs you'll be responsible for as well as the proceeds  you should expect to receive from the sale. Review this carefully.  Your agent will help you determine whether or not everything on it is correct.  Remember, your agent is there to help you every step of the way.  This is your investment - don't be afraid to ask questions!