Renters Guide

Here are a few tips for renters

When you are out looking at properties in search for a good home for your family, you want to ask the landlords a few questions regarding the following:

Repair policy

Ask the potential landlord how they handle repairs.  Work orders should never be handled by a phone call, alone, and should be requested or followed up with an email.  Conduct your own inspection as you walk around the property. Look for signs that reflect whether or not repairs are done and that they are done properly.

As a renter, you are the eyes and ears on the property for the owners and property managers.  You are in the property every day and should notice when something needs attention or requires repair.  As a renter, it is your responsibility to take good care of the property while residing there.  It is also your responsibility to report any damages or needed repairs to the landlord immediately and ALWAYS follow up with the report VIA EMAIL. This protects you as the tenant and can act as a reminder for the landlord. It is the landlord’s responsibility to see that necessary repairs are made.  Keep in mind that as the renter, you are responsible for any damages on the property caused by you, your family, or one of your guests.


Find out what the pet policies are. If you have pets, disclose this from the moment you contact a landlord about a property. The adage “ask for forgiveness later” is a terrible policy when it comes to pets; a renter can be fined and/or evicted for having a pet at a property that has a “no pets” policy. Instead, look for properties that allow pets and be prepared to pay a pet deposit (refundable) or pet fee (nonrefundable). If you do have a pet, you are responsible for your pet’s behavior. If your pet causes any damage to the property, you are responsible for the repairs. Make sure your dog is taken care of so he doesn’t chew or scratch the floor, doors, moldings, etc. If you have an indoor cat, make sure the litter box is cleaned out every day so your cat doesn’t use the floor as a litter box. Keep a bottle of pet urine enzyme handy for those little accidents. Pet damages are very costly and more and more property owners are disallowing pets because of irresponsible pet owners.

HOA (Home Owners Association)

If you are looking at a rental home in a subdivision or townhome community, chances are there is an HOA. Ask about the HOA policies and learn how these might affect your lifestyle. These often dictate parking, noise, yard maintenance, and/or décor. You should abide by the HOA rules and regulations, as the owner and/or the property manager can be fined when their tenants are in violation, and they will pass these fines on to their tenants and/or file an eviction.

In today’s market, looking for an affordable home for your family can be stressful. If you don’t see anything on our website that suits you, call one of our agents and let us help you find a home to rent.