Cathryn Hartwell

Owner, BIC, Real Estate Broker, Property Manager

Education. Integrity. Teamwork.

I come from a small town in NJ where mothers shooed all of us kids outside after breakfast and locked the screen doors so we couldn't go back inside unless someone was hurt. Everyone recognized you and knew where you lived.  Our house had a dinner bell on the side porch that our mother would ring when she needed us to come home.  Anyone within earshot spread the word down the road to let us know that the dinner bell was ringing and we better get our butts home! 

Later I went to school in NC and MA and got a teaching degree then taught elementary classes for several years before starting my own family.  They say teachers never stops teaching, (it's true!) and so it is only natural that my emphasis on educating my clients from day one is one of my strongest suits. It is of utmost importance that my clients eyes are wide open at the starting gate, so together we map out a strategy and address each step again as it come up in the process. 

I started my real estate career 2005 where I focused primarily on doing business in the Triangle, and gradually extended further west into Alamance, Caswell, & Guilford counties.  

I made Burlington my home in 2012, and currently live in the southern Alamance area with my husband. Between us we have three great kids, a lovely daughter in law, two energetic granddaughters, and three very spoiled dogs (they would disagree with the "spoiled" part).  I love it out here...the rolling landscape is picturesque, the people are friendly, and there is a strong sense of community.  Burlington and the surrounding areas are growing very quickly, but this place and the people here still remind me of that small town I grew up in.

Why hire me to help you with any real estate transaction...?  Well, for starters, I'm not afraid to get a little dusty.  I'll be crawling under houses and climbing up into attics for (or with) you.  You should know what's going on with the property you're about to buy or sell.  And as for managing your property, I have raised the standard for protecting the properties under our care.  We treat each property as though they are our own.  

Whether you are an investor or first time home buyer, I have the experience to help you.